30 Day Fitness Challenge

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Get fit from home in just 30 days


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30 Day Fitness Challenge makes it possible to get in shape anywhere in just 30 days with a comprehensive—and customizable—workout plan. Choose a month to get fit and get the body you’ve always wanted in just 30 days.

With a personal trainer that’s available anytime and anywhere and that can adjust the workout to your needs, this app is perfect for people with limited free time or other needs. As you follow the daily routines, you’ll soon notice your fitness level improving. But this app aims to do more than just help you lose weight through exercise: its mission is to help you create a daily routine and maintain a level of fitness that will help you face anything!

Once you begin an exercise, 30 Day Fitness Challenge can automatically track your progress, and remind you each day when it’s time to exercise. Not only that, but each exercise has a video guide to help you to perform the workouts correctly, and you can modify the intensity and adjust the challenges to your current fitness level. Give this app a try and get fit in just 30 days!
By Erika Okumura